The wife of the man who recorded video of New York Police Department officers performing a fatal chokehold has been arrested on assault charges.

Chrissie Ortiz, 30, allegedly struck a woman outside a Staten Island grocery in New York Tuesday after the two got into an argument. She faces a misdemeanor assault charge, the Staten Island Advance reports.

Ortiz’s arrest comes just days after her husband, 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, was arrested on gun possession charges.

While being taken into custody, Orta told arresting officers, “You’re just mad because I filmed your boy.”

On July 17, Orta recorded the video of the fatal chokehold that killed 46-year-old Eric Garner. On Friday, the New York City medical examiner officially ruled the death a homicide by chokehold.

Garner’s death has sparked massive protests and demands for police reform by civil rights activists including the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Upon learning Garner’s death was ruled a homicide, Orta said he wasn’t surprised.

“I knew that was the cause because I saw it,” he said. “Now somebody should get charged.”