British Airways passengers were left stranded nationwide and in England due to a technical issue. Discontented customers of British Airways took to social media to show their dissatisfaction at long delays, unreleased flight plans and irregular updates.

Frustrated customers lobbed complaints at the airline on social media, complaining of delays, unreleased flight plans and spotty updates.

“We are working hard to fix a technical issue which has delayed your flight. We’re really sorry for the delay to your travel plans. If you do miss your connection and both flights are on the same booking, airport staff will assist,” the airline Tweeted to one JFK traveller worried about missing a connection at Heathrow Airport.

A Port Authority spokesman blamed the delays on a “system-wide issue with British (Airways) computer system.”

“It is impacting arrivals and departures at JFK and elsewhere. We are assisting to get passengers deplaned,” the spokesman said.

British Airways spokesman Chip Garner said the airline was dealing with a “technical issue,” but wouldn’t offer more information on what that issue was.

“Our teams are working hard to fix a technical issue causing delays to a small number of flights this evening,” he said. “We apologise to customers affected and we’re assisting them with alternative arrangements.”