William Voge, the globe-trotting legal representative, was openly disgraced 2 days earlier. He has difficulty going to sleep since.

His household, his rivals and coworkers, everybody it appeared, understood about the raunchy texts he exchanged in 2015 with a lady he had actually never ever fulfilled face to face, and still hasn’t. The fallout scandalized the legal occupation and would cost Mr. Voge his task at Latham & & Watkins LLP, among the greatest earning law office on the planet, where he was chairman.

Mr. Voge slipped out of his $5 million home in Solana Beach, Calif., that night in March. He went to a neighboring bar where he examined numerous messages on his phone– some considerate, others shaming. When it would all pass away down, his better half and grown child had actually asked hours previously.

On a company journey in November, Mr. Voge invested 2 nights sexting with a married mom of 3. After the lady informed others, consisting of at the law practice, Mr. Voge threatened legal action, which just provoked more difficulty.

” I was unreasonable, I was silly and I was negligent,” Mr. Voge informed The Wall Street Journal.

He sat at the bar that night drinking India pale ale, and his ideas grew darker as he discussed in his mind all that took place. He might never ever comprehend suicide, he stated, up until he experienced such deep sensations of pity firsthand.

Mr. Voge and the Chicago-area female, Andrea Vassell, never ever had a physical relationship. The consequences of their entanglement have actually however been pricey.

Partners at Latham, which counts such customers as Citibank and American Airlines, make approximately more than $3 million a year. Mr. Voge, who matured on a farm in Iowa, had actually made two times that prior to his abrupt departure in March from a law practice where he invested his whole 35-year profession.

Ms. Vassell, 43, is under examination by the cops department in Naperville, Ill., where she lives, for declared harassment by electronic methods, a misdemeanor offense. She rejected misdeed, and stated in an interview that informing others what occurred in between her and Mr. Voge wasn’t a criminal offense. She stated Mr. Voge attempted to bully her into silence, which he rejected.

Mr. Voge went to the cops, he stated, due to the fact that Ms. Vassell bombarded him and others with bothering e-mails about their intermediary that consisted of untruths. The attorney and rural mama left a long record of their electronic relationship– a monthslong waterfall of e-mails and texts that tracked a roller-coaster course from courtesy to intimacy to anger, according to exchanges seen by the Journal.

Mr. Voge and Ms. Vassell state they feel betrayed by the other. Both state they will be vindicated when the total set of text exchanges is exposed by authorities or in court.

Mr. Voge stated he has actually mulled over his therapists’ theories that chemicals in his “heathen, sex-oriented” brain took over his more logical side while he was away from his spouse in Chicago. For her part, Ms. Vassell stated she has an issue with sending out spontaneous e-mails.
It occurred that Ms. Vassell satisfied Mr. Voge through the New Canaan Society, a nationwide group of Christian business people. “The pressures and temptations for guys are terrific,” the group states on its site. “NCS offers people a location to form deep relationships.”

Ms. Vassell started interacting with the group about a year earlier. Her e-mails reached the board, that includes business executives, financial investment supervisors and evangelical leaders. She composed that the creator of the New Canaan Society, James Lane, paid to make love with her in Chicago around the time he started arranging the group in the mid-1990s.

Ms. Vassell had actually been the victim of sex trafficking, she composed, and Mr. Lane, more than 20 years older, was the very first guy she was sent out to. Their relationship lasted from 1995 to 1997, she stated.

Mr. Lane has actually acknowledged having a relationship with Ms. Vassell in the past. In the e-mails, Ms. Vassell looked for recommendation from Mr. Lane about his function in what she explained as a low point in her life.

The book had a recommendation from Mr. Lane and discussed his Christian guys’s group. After Ms. Vassell’s e-mails got here, Mr. Lane looked for assistance from Mr. Voge, who was a long time pal. The males had actually satisfied in the 1990s while working in London– Mr. Voge for Latham, and Mr. Lane for Goldman Sachs

They participated in St. Michael’s Chester Square Church, where Mr. Voge, his better half and Mr. Lane’s partner taught Sunday school together. “A house run is if the 2 come out smiling and stating they forgive each other,” Mr. Voge stated in a current interview.

In his early e-mails, Mr. Voge revealed compassion to Ms. Vassell, stating he had actually worked with companies that battle sex trafficking. In another e-mail, he stated: “Go ahead and trigger inflammation to Jim– he injured you,” however extra Mr. Lane’s household. Ms. Vassell stated she too had a Christian awakening, at age 23.

She saw Mr. Voge as another supportive ear. Mr. Voge lastly encouraged Ms. Vassell and Mr. Lane to concur to mediation.

Throughout his law profession, Mr. Voge relied on his calm under pressure, for being able to set aside feelings as he worked his method up the ranks. After high school in rural Iowa, Mr. Voge employed in the U.S. Army, discovering to obstruct Russian interactions while stationed in Germany.

He stated he felt out of location in those early years compared with his better-credentialed coworkers, however didn’t stop. Mr. Voge raised his hand to assist broaden the company’s workplaces in New York and London.

In January 2015, Mr. Voge took over as chairman of the 2,600-lawyer company. He followed Robert Dell, who through 2 years had actually broadened Latham from its Los Angeles roots into an international powerhouse.
In November, Mr. Voge flew to Chicago for firm conferences. While working on the discussion, he and Ms. Vassell switched e-mails about the continuing conflict with Mr. Lane.

In the beginning, the messages were innocent, discussing what he was doing that week in Chicago. The talk turned flirty, then sexual.

Later on in the week, he did it once again by text. They likewise spoke and emailed briefly by phone.

Mr. Voge completed his conferences and boarded an aircraft to Mexico to satisfy his household for Thanksgiving. His regret started on the top-notch flight to the household’s villa in Baja California, outdoors Cabo Pulmo. He questioned how he might discuss his actions to his better half, a previous legal representative who now ran an ice cream store with their child.

” I understood it was incorrect,” Mr. Voge stated. The Voges, their 5 grown kids and 3 partners were together on Thanksgiving in Mexico. The household roasted an entire pig in the backyard.

The next Monday, Ms. Vassell emailed copies of the specific text with Mr. Voge to Mr. Lane and to the New Canaan Society’s president.

Mr. Voge resigned by e-mail from the Christian group’s board. “I might have triggered us more sorrow than I was attempting to fix,” he composed. “It was not my objective to ever make matters worse.”.

Mr. Voge informed his other half. Mr. Voge in a phone call with Latham management used to resign as chairman. That week, Mr. Voge spoke with Ms. Vassell by phone and sent out an apology by text.

” You are outrageous if you believe I am not following you with whatever I have,” she composed. “… Men abuse and make use of females and after that the church that is controlled by male Elders advances and informs the females to forgive. That silly sh– stops with me!”.

On Nov. 30, Mr. Voge’s attorney, Terry Ekl, sent out a letter by messenger to her house that threatened legal action if she didn’t stop getting in touch with Mr. Voge, his law practice or anybody associated with him. The letter stated Mr. Voge would “pursue every civil and criminal treatment … consisting of the reporting of this criminal activity to the police authorities.” When the letter showed up, Ms. Vassell stated, “I simply lost it.”.

Ms. Vassell emailed a copy of the letter to 2 Latham partners and composed, “I’m extremely terrified.” The next day, she emailed Latham’s basic counsel, Everett Johnson: “I wished to be clear that I’m not implicating Bill Voge of any type of sexual misbehavior from my viewpoint. We were consenting grownups.”.

By November, allegations of attack and harassment versus Hollywood manufacturer Harvey Weinstein had actually set off comparable reports versus other males. As more ladies stepped forward, business America started to compete with accusations of misbehavior by males in positions of power.

Ms. Vassell continued sending out e-mails about Mr. Voge to New Canaan Society members, Latham partners, the head of a completing law company and, later on, to a couple of media outlets. She likewise emailed Jami Voge, Mr. Voge’s spouse. From December to April, Ms. Vassell sent out more than 90 e-mails to Mr. Voge.
On Jan. 27, Ms. Vassell sent out a prolonged e-mail to more than 50 New Canaan Society chapter leaders, stating she was “angered at Bill Voge” and requiring responsibility for his actions. Mr. Voge read it from a 2nd villa in Jackson, Wyo., and stated it “sent me over the deep end.”.

They had actually interacted cordially previously that month, however this time Mr. Voge stated that Ms. Vassell was dedicating criminal offenses and would go to prison if she didn’t stop. “She will be in prison!!!” In another text, Mr. Voge stated, “She has actually dedicated numerous felonies and the proof is frustrating.”.

That very same weekend, Mr. Voge’s legal representative, Mr. Ekl, sent out an e-mail to Ms. Vassell prompting her to stop informing individuals about her interactions with Mr. Voge or run the risk of legal action. Mr. Ekl stated she might as long as she informed him. She stated she later on thought she was persuaded into concurring to Mr. Ekl’s needs.

In early March, Mr. Voge and his better half left for a holiday in South America. While in Buenos Aires, a lawyer called Mr. Voge’s legal representative and stated he represented Ms. Vassell. He stated Ms. Vassell and a press reporter at the legal trade publication Law360 were discussing her interactions with Mr. Voge.

The legal representative, Michael Cheronis, stated Ms. Vassell’s cooperation with the publication would stop for a factor to consider of “at least 6 figures,” according to Mr. Ekl. Mr. Cheronis stated he could not comment without Ms. Vassell’s approval.

Mr. Voge stated he declined to make any payments. The exact same day the Voges left for South America, Ms. Vassell emailed copies of the heated text exchanges in between Mr. Voge and her hubby to Latham’s basic counsel.

The company released a declaration on March 20, stating Mr. Voge’s “lapses in individual judgment made ongoing service as chair illogical” and that the conduct, while unassociated to the company, was not befitting a Latham leader. Law360 reported that day on the texts in between Mr. Voge and Ms. Vassell, as well as those with Ms. Vassell’s partner.

10 days after losing his task, Mr. Voge sent out Latham’s collaboration an e-mail: “For those of you who had the nerve to inform me of your dissatisfaction, I desire you to understand that your dissatisfaction in me will never ever surpass my own dissatisfaction in myself.”.


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After Ms. Vassell’s e-mails showed up, Mr. Lane looked for aid from Mr. Voge, who was a long time pal. They participated in St. Michael’s Chester Square Church, where Mr. Voge, his better half and Mr. Lane’s other half taught Sunday school together. Mr. Voge lastly convinced Ms. Vassell and Mr. Lane to concur to mediation.

On Nov. 30, Mr. Voge’s legal representative, Terry Ekl, sent out a letter by messenger to her house that threatened legal action if she didn’t stop getting in touch with Mr. Voge, his law company or anybody connected with him. That very same weekend, Mr. Voge’s attorney, Mr. Ekl, sent out an e-mail to Ms. Vassell prompting her to stop informing individuals about her interactions with Mr. Voge or run the risk of legal action.