A racist maniac who shot an elderly deli clerk in cold blood will be spending the next 25 years in prison. The arguments was over the price of beer and 80-year-old man lost his life because he didn’t knock 50 cents off the price. He was convicted by a jury on manslaughter and related charges for the murder of Abdul Yafee.

“Unfortunately, this case boils down to 50 cents regarding a beer and the death of an 80-year-old man who had nothing to do … with that initial argument,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Ruth Shillingford said.

Assistant District Attorney Jamie Begley had requested Thomas receive the maximum possible sentence on all charges, citing his “blatant disregard for human life.”

Thomas unleashed his racist tirade when employees at the 797 Deli on Stanley Ave. near Ashford St. refused to sell him a $2 beer for $1.50.

Thomas stormed out of the store — and returned three hours later to open fire on four people in the store.

Yafaee died in the 11-round hail of bullets. Before he fled, Thomas fired another nine bullets at the store’s exterior, authorities said.

The elderly Yemeni man tragically wasn’t even around for the initial dispute.

The victim’s brother, Ali Yafaee, 85, urged the judge to keep Thomas locked up. “He’s my brother, and (Thomas) killed him,” Yafaee said. “I just want him to be in prison for life.”

Family friends who accompanied Yafaee’s heartbroken brother to the sentencing described the slain man as kind and incredibly hardworking.

“He was a hardworking man,” said Fadel Mansour, 40. “Eighty years old … Just sitting there — and boom, boom, boom.