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15 best college dorm decor ideas and essentials for him and her in 2022



Sleep through your 8am class, but don’t sleep on dorm decor.

Home is where the decorations are, and when you pack up and move into a college dorm for the semester, it should feel as homey and comforting as possible.

Sometimes transforming your school-issued four walls (or two if you are sharing a double) can be tricky, with stark white walls and not enough floor space. However, as every college student knows, there are hacks that can fix pretty much any problem.

As seen on viral TikTok videos of students with tricked-out dorm rooms, a lot can be done in a small space. The account @dormroomtours features those amazing transformations, showing what a rug, some lights and the right bedding can do to level-up your space.

After getting the necessities like a mini fridge, blankets and a coffee maker for late-night study sessions — get creative and make your dorm your own.

To help you potentially get featured as one of the coveted dorm before-and-after success stories, read on for where to find the best dorm decor of 2022.

A circular chair with an orange pillow

Every college student knows that Amazon always has what we need. This year, head to the powerhouse retailer’s “Off to College” page to shop by decor style, like Boho, Modern or Eclectic, or sort by need, like organization, cooking supplies and more.

A room with a black couch, white rug and a cat on the ground

Whether you’re in a dorm or an apartment during college, they should both be comfortable and stylish. Check out Target’s selection of decor to get ready for the 2022 school year. Get inspired with lookbooks, or sort by price to make sure you stay on budget.

A yellow bed in a dorm room

Decorate your space no matter your budget when you shop back-to-school at Walmart. Head to the dorm essentials page on the site to find items under $30, including dorm storage starting at $2, bedding starting at $4, furniture starting at $17 and more.

A boy's dorm room with posters on the wall

Well, this one has it right in the name. Shop for your dorm on Dormify now and get all the best and trending items for 2022. Sort by need, like furniture, lighting or storage or with the brand’s cool visualization tools feature. See exactly what your dorm room will look like and mix and match items until you have the perfect curation, making this a one-stop-shop for dorm decor.

A woman stands on a bed to hang up greenery on the ceiling
Urban Outfitters

Head online before you head back on campus, because you need to stock up at Urban Outfitters first. The retailer has a page just for college living, with sections for bedding, furniture, desk supplies and more. Once all done, finish up with some small-space decor to really make your new home a happy place to be.

A white desk and black desk chair

For easy-to-build and beautiful to look at furniture and decor, check out IKEA. We love this retailer because they make it so simple to shop, even providing a checklist of must-haves for students. Start checking things off with organizational systems, under-bed storage solutions, art and more.

A college room with a bed and other decor
Bed Bath and Beyond

Go above and beyond this school year with the Bed Bath and Beyond College Shop. They make it simple with a curated page where you can find deals up to 50% off right now. Plus, take an extra 20% off and three times the rewards points when you sign up for their college savings pass.

Two girls on two beds with their arms open showing off their dorm room

Where better to shop for your dorm decor than right on campus? Shop the Our Campus Market picks now and save big, with their Summer Savings Pass sale with 30% off bedding, bath, decor and storage. Plus, get free shipping over $60 with the promo code SAVEANDSHIP.

Three pillows on a bed with a pink starburst cutout over top

Support independent artists as you head back to school this year. Redbubble has a curation of beautiful designs, each made by an artist on the site. Shop for posters, pillows, shower curtains and more for your dorm that add a pop of color and personality to any space.

A desk with notebooks, a backpack, pencils and more

Be unapologetically you this school year and decorate your space with Society6. The new 2022 Back to School collection has options for bedding, posters, pillows and more, each designed by a cool artist from the site. If you need some inspiration, check out lookbooks here and grab some last-minute desk items while you’re at it.

A yellow background with an image of a white bed and white school supplies

If you thought Shein was only for clothes and accessories, think again. Head to the home decor part of the site and find so many amazing goodies for your dorm room. Shop their back to school sale now for up to 80% off, and make sure to use the promo code SCHOOLCOOL at the end for extra savings.

A wall in a dorm with organizing supplies
Pottery Barn Teen

We know your teens are becoming young adults, but PBTeen still has all the best college stuff for them at any age. Shop the curated dorm selection on the site now and find a handy checklist, in addition to shoppable sections for decor, desk accessories, closet organization and more.

A boy's dorm room bed and desk

Head back to campus the Wayfair way. Shop for all the best back to school items now, with special guides on how to curate the best bed as well as special sales that will save you cash on dorm necessities now.

A planner open to a calendar with stickers
The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a great place to grab the perfect planner for your dorm room desk, plus stock up on other back-to-school items like desk accessories, removable wallpaper and more.

A framed poster on a white dresser

Add something sweet to your dorm room that will put a smile on your face every time you come home from class. ArtSugar can help, as they have super fun and colorful wall art, as well as home decor like catchall trays, bookends for your shelves and other fun dorm-friendly designs.

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These are the vulgar license-plate requests the DMV has rejected



Stay CL4SSY, New York!

The state Department of Motor Vehicles nixed 3,752 requests for vanity license plates in the last three years because it deemed them too raunchy, radical or simply ridiculous.

New York’s personalized plates go for $60 initially, and then $31.25 annually for renewal. You can get any plate as long as no one else has it and it’s not offensive.

Odds are a request for a plate that marks a wedding anniversary or shows your allegiance to a team — like METS86 — will pass muster with the DMV gatekeepers.

Vulgarity won’t get you to first base.

So plates with the phrase LFGM — the acronym for Pete Alonso’s “Let’s F–king Go Mets” rallying cry — did not make the cut.

And you won’t see anyone driving around with the custom plates MILFDAD, AS5M4N and WLHUNG.

Crude meanings such as “MILFDAD” are unacceptable by the DMV.
Crude meanings such as “MILFDAD” are unacceptable by the DMV.
New York DMV
New York state Department of Motor Vehicles denied more than 3.5 thousand requests for license plates deemed inappropriate.
New York DMV
“AS5M4N” was rejected for referring to “Ass man.”
“AS5M4N” was rejected for referring to “Ass man.”
New York DMV

The DMV also put NICEBUNS, FATFANNY, GOTAPOOP and BENDOVER in the rear-view mirror.

One player unsuccessfully tried to score the plate YESDADDY, to no avail.

The DMV also shot down such dark requests as DEADGIRL, GENOC1DE, S8TAN, DETONATE and MURDERM3.

“SUM8ITCH” is not allowed.
“SUM8ITCH” is not allowed.
New York DMV
The DMV thoroughly nixed a request for “CNNLIES.”
The DMV thoroughly nixed a request for “CNNLIES.”
New York DMV
BOOBIE is prohibited.
BOOBIE is prohibited.
New York DMV

Getting political is a dead end too — FJOEBIDN, FDTRUMP and CNNLIES were nixed.

LUDEDUDE, NARCO, GOT METH and BLUNT also went up in smoke.

Staten Island attorney Bill Dertinger said his blue 1995 Jaguar SJS was tagged with ESQLTD after his company and his 2014 Porsche had the plate GHOSTGTS because the sleek sportscar was white.

“The plates can make you stand out — which can be a curse or a blessing,” the 54-year-old Dertinger said. “Make sure you don’t cut anybody off.”

A man attempted to sneak in “YESDADDY” onto his license plate.
A man attempted to sneak in “YESDADDY” onto his license plate.
New York DMV
The DMV stopped a request for “FJOEBIDEN.”
The DMV stopped a request for “FJOEBIDEN.”
New York DMV
The DMV also rejects any license plates referring to politics.
The DMV also rejects any license plates referring to politics.
New York DMV

There must be a New York Jets fan playing referee at the DMV because a request for the seemingly innocent plate GASE was sidelined. Ex-Jets head coach Adam Gase had an offensive 9-23 win-loss record during his forgettable two-year tenure.

The DMV would not reveal who gives the final yea or nay.

“The DMV reviews all custom license plate requests and works hard to ensure that any combinations that may be considered objectionable are rejected,” said agency spokesman Tim O’Brien.

“GLOCKS” referring to guns is not accepted by the DMV.
“GLOCKS” referring to guns is not accepted by the DMV.
New York DMV
“FLYMOFO” is not approved by the DMV.
“FLYMOFO” is not approved by the DMV.
New York DMV

He said guidelines on what plate combinations are restricted can be found on the DMV website: Approximately 50,000 personalized and custom plates are sold per year, O’Brien said.

Bagged Tags

The state DMV has rejected 3,752 requests for custom license plates in the last three years because it deemed them potentially offensive. Here are some:


















Source: NYS DMV

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