New Yorkers want more bicycle and bus lanes according to survey

A majority of New Yorkers want more bike and bus lanes — and in many cases would give up parking spots to build them — says a survey released Tuesday by Siena College Research Institute. The survey queried 805 randomly selected registered city voters and found 56% supported sacrificing some parking spots to put in […]

New York ahead of 41 other states when it comes to Coronavirus Testing

When the pandemic first broke out in the United States, the testing rates were below targets, especially because the test kits developed by the CDC were found to be faulty. Since then, most states have improved their testing statistics and are inching closer to meeting their targets. These targets have been ascertained by a methodology […]

Peter Cedeno, NYC Divorce Attorney, Accused of Sexual Abuse

Peter L. Cedeno, a predatory New York City divorce attorney, may be disbarred for several sexual assault, coercion and misconduct allegations regarding his younger female clients. The accusations against the married 50-year-old divorce lawyer, of Ramsey NJ, have piled up since the 2016 filing of a bombshell lawsuit by former client Atesa Pacelli, a Battery […]